The specialty has 70 years of history in the National Academy of Art.
BA courses in Poster and Visual Communication train artists in the theory and practice of communication graphics. The knowledge and skills needed for that are obtained through a specially structured stage-by-stage curriculum focusing on quality in education in this particular field. The specific tasks cover the entire scope of visual advertising and graphics and applied graphics.
BA degree holders can do corporative design, printed advertising and small-scale applied graphics; they are also fully qualified to work as free-lance artists. Those who have also taken courses in Theory and Practice of Education in the Arts as their second subject, are entitled to teaching fine arts. BA degree holders in Poster and Visual Communication easily find jobs in advertising agencies and studios, publishing houses, the press and the electronic media, galleries, museums, theatres and other cultural agencies.
Graduates of the academic degree Master in one of its three graduate programs: Visual Communication, Poster and the latest Calligraphy have advanced knowledge of all modern forms and expressions of graphic design. In their training period they all work on their own individual creative and practical projects in the field they have chosen according to their personal taste and faculties. They can also work on their own and implement one-of-the-kind ideas and projects on behalf of their commissioners and beneficiaries. MA students can also work as art directors of advertising agencies, art editors in publishing houses, heads of artistic departments in electronic media and the press, experts in national and foreign cultural structures, teachers and evaluators.