Page by Page... – 127 years of Library Collection at the National Academy of Art in Atelier Gallery of the National Academy of Art – Burgas Branch

16 November – 31 December 2023
Opening: 16 November 2023 (Thurs), 6:00 pm
Atelier Gallery, National Academy of Art – Burgas Branch, Magazia 1, Port Complex Burgas
The exhibition PAGE BY PAGE ... focuses on the creation of a specialized library collection and its development over time. This is a still little-studied process, which, however, represents an essential part of the history of the educational institution. The exhibition of preserved archival documents, photographs and rare editions of fine art is not just a step back in time, it is an attempt by the curators to clarify a number of unknowns. Significant stages and aspects are presented – the establishment of a library collection in 1896, its organising it as a modern scientific library and its enrichment over the years, its contribution to shaping the Academy of Arts as one of the first cultural and educational centres after the Bulgarian Liberation and the first half of the 20th century.
In the interesting historical development and establishment of the Academy of Arts in Sofia, its library collection, collected and preserved for many decades, has its place and merit. In terms of its content, it is considered the oldest library with the richest specialized fund of fine art literature. Looking back to the beginning of the first higher school of arts in Bulgaria, we note with respect that even back then, its minimalist model provided for the separation of a library collection. And this is a significant step that directly contributes to the realization of the institution's academic mission in the coming decades.
Team: Dr. Milena Balcheva-Bozhkova (project manager and curator of the exhibition), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nenko Atanasov (curator of the exhibition and author of the sign, design and layout), Sen. Lect. Dr. Rossen Toshev (photographer), Anelia Georgieva and Liliana Ivanova (library archive research and selection of publications), Sylvia Miloslavova (editor, proofreader, translator), Didi Spasova (Public Relations)
With its 127-year history, the Art Academy's collection of publications on fine arts matters stands today with dignity on the Bulgarian information map – long established as the leading information institution of the plastic arts in the country. It is unique in its specificity, as it owns multi-volume editions on art history, most of which are bibliographic rarities, and hundreds of extremely valuable books and albums.