"Letter Everyday" project, dedicated to May 24

The project is dedicated to May 24 – a day of Bulgarian education and culture and the Slavic script and is a traditional event of the Department of "Poster and Visual Communication" at the National Academy of Art.
The exhibition is exposed on the fence of the National Academy of Art
"This year the students' task focuses on the conscious daily contact - mental and subsequently transformed as a vision - with the signs of the Cyrillic alphabet. For 30 days, students had the opportunity to concentrate on the meaning of each letter. The complex symbiosis between different factors, starting from the graphic nature of the depicted, through the inner attitude of the author himself every day, his emotional state, and even the conditions outside - be it meteorological or social, gave a kind of graphic narrative through the signs of the alphabet. which each viewer would read in his own way. The huge variety of forms and approaches contributes to the final result of the project to be considered again and again, and each time in it you can find something else, so far unnoticed by the viewer."
Prof. Kristina Borisova, PhD.
Participants in the project are third-year students in Poster and Visual Communication, NАА.