How a Dragon is Born

Gueorgui Konstantinov & Ivan Gazdov
poems & graphicature
Present a bilingual edition
How a Dragon is Born
March 21 (Wednesday) 2018 at 18:00
Academy Gallery, 1, Shipka Street
The authors dedicate the edition of the Bulgarian Euro-Presidency 2018
With the special participation of Prof. Angel Stankov, violin
I am grateful for the lucky chance which enabled me to perceive my own poems next to Ivan Gazdov’s dazzling graphic visions. He is an artist who managed to evolve not only his own unique style but further created a new genre in present-day graphic art. This genre, conceived by an immense artistic talent and lofty spirituality, is already well-known all over the world. His graphicatures are like some black-and-white rain in our desolate spiritual landscape. As if falling from the skies they brighten up our gloomy prosaic visions, create some strange coloration out of black and white and rekindle our memory with the sharp sparks of rueful humour. With his daring graphic talent Ivan Gazdov can harmoniously unify lyricism and irony, pains and smiles, thereby creating rays of light out of such inconceivable mixture. This light, I should admit, invariably illuminates my own poetical vision of the world. It is not by mere chance that the title of this book is How a Dragon Is Born. Perhaps it is a kind of metaphoric generalisation. Sometimes two different creative natures merge and quite unexpectedly a flying dragon looms into sight.
                                                                                                Georgi Konstantinov
It is wonderful when one feels inspired by Georgi Konstantinov’s poetic impulse, by his world of invigorating thoughts and striking paradoxes, a world spontaneously emerging from everyday life but forever embedded in our consciousness with its mighty impact of intellectual human progress. His poems reflect profound thoughts and are brilliant products of an overwhelming urge which comes up to the surface with separate tendrils. Hyperboles are an innermost part of his thoughts, of his creative power and it is a sign of genius, dazzling and thunderous, with which few people are endowed. Georgi Konstantinov manages to charge laconic lines with emotions and powerful fantasies which moan and whine, keep quiet or chide and are invariably far ahead of our own thoughts. I can never stop admiring his poems which always inspire me. And I feel infinitely grateful that beautiful and jealous Erato – the goddess of poetry – has brought us together.
                                                                                                      Ivan Gazdov