Ten posters by Assoc. Prof. Stoyan D. Dechev, PhD, at Drama Theatre – Targovishte

Stoyan Dechev has designed posters in collaboration with the theatre director Lyubomir Kolaksazov for the play "The Green Cat" by the Romanian playwright Elise Wilk. The artist was invited by the hosts, in the person of their manager Vladimir Petkov, to exhibit posters he had created in relation to the premiere of the play at the Drama Theatre – Targovishte. Just before the premiere performance started, the exhibition was ceremonially opened by the theatre’s Deputy Manager Denislav Yanev in the theatre lobby; the event also featured the performance of the Targovishte Town Brass Orchestra conducted by Rositsa Boyadzhieva, PhD. In a short speech, Stoyan Dechev emphasised the ROLE of the poster IN THEATRE and generally in culture. In addition to being a prelude to the premiere of the show, the event was also included in the programme of the Theatre Night on 18 November 2023, and was appreciated by the town's cultural community. The poster exhibition is also slated to be presented in May 2024, during the Magic Curtain International Festival of Children's Performances in the town of Targovishte.