St. John's Day at Arte Gallery – exhibition by Prof. Ivan Gazdov, PhD


9–20 January 2024
Opening: 9 January 2024, 6:00pm, Arte Gallery
31 Buzludzha Street, Sofia
By tradition, the "restless spirit" of the native poster and graphics, Prof. Ivan Gazdov, celebrates his name day in ARTE Gallery. And in order to make his goal clear from the start – to get the audience out of "the dumps" and lift their spirits, he has entitled his exhibition "Dual Mood". Dual, as it is created through the meeting of celebration with art and reminds that they belong to each other. If there is no art in a celebration, it remains everyday life debauchery, if there is no celebration in art, it becomes an edifying sermon.
Ivan Gazdov–master of witticisms, references, and paradoxes–once again invites you to his art-celebration, which while amusing and entertaining you takes you along the border between attitude and authenticity, eroticism and transience, imagination and obviousness, self and otherness... To persuade you that nothing is worth taking too seriously, even the classic authors, the least your very self. And he demonstrates it at his own cost with 12 self-portraits and 12 graphicatures (cover versions of previous cover versions), which also have long since become components of his pencil-in-hand self-portrait.
Prof. Georgi Lozanov, January 2024
Photo: Antonio Georgiev-Hadjihristov