Poster exhibition: 60 Years of Art Gallery – Dobrich

On 19 October 2023, the series of events related to the gallery's anniversary culminated in the POSTER exhibition 60 YEARS OF ART GALLERY – DOBRICH.
The artists who have created the 24 posters are students from the National Academy of Art in Sofia and its Burgas Branch, pursuing BA programme in Poster and Visual Communication under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Nenko Atanasov, PhD. All the posters form a kind of artwork collection on a conceptual, technological and plastic level, reveal a rich variety of means of expression, and attribute the sense of freedom in building the theme.
The exposition presents the youthful, unencumbered interpretation of such a cultural institution, of a space that deals with the preservation and development of the pictorial, the exquisite art in Bulgaria, such as the Art Gallery – Dobrich, without getting into clichés and stereotypes. (Assoc. Prof. Nenko Atanasov, PhD)
The exhibition is not a competition in its nature; yet, among the 24 equal works those of Aksenia Avramova, Aleksandra Mitova, Ana-Maria Adamova, Malvina Voeva, and Thea Antonova were distinguished with certificates.
The exhibition opening is a double celebration – the 60th anniversary of Art Gallery – Dobrich and the 75th anniversary of Poster and Visual Communication as an academic speciality and department.
Photos and text: Art Gallery – Dobrich