The teachers from the National Academy of Art Assoc. Prof. Svetlin Balezdrov, PhD, and Assoc. Prof. Nenko Atanasov, PhD, have created the new sign of the State Agency for National Security

In January 2024, the State Agency for National Security (SANS) presented its new sign. Two artists teamed to design and create the emblem – Assoc. Prof. Svetlin Balezdrov, PhD, teacher from the Department of Design in Advertising, National Academy of Art, and Assoc. Prof. Nenko Atanasov, PhD, teacher from Department of Poster and Visual Communication, National Academy of Art, and member of the Bulgarian Heraldry and Vexillology Society.
Primordial Bulgarian symbols are used in conformity with the so-called institutional heraldry. The embedded images embody:
SHIELD – traditional warrior's accoutrement from ancient times which symbolises protection, imperviousness, defense, steadfastness, security. It suggests invincibility, impregnability, firmness, and emphasises sovereignty and national identity.
SWORD – the main weapon of the warriors from ancient times, a fundamental symbol of strength, protection, inviolability, determination, victory.
LION – the Bulgarian symbol from the Middle Ages, it expresses heroism, determination, fearlessness, dignity and honor. The lions are crowned shield bearers, standing on guard duty and assuming a brave and decisive stance.
CAPITAL – crowns the emblem and is placed on a tortuous band in the three colours of the Bulgarian flag. The capital "crowns" the shield and is a reference to the architecture of the old Bulgarian capitals Pliska, Preslav and Tarnovo. It symbolizes greatness, representativeness, welfare and prosperity.
LAUREL BRANCHES – universal symbol of glory, victory and greatness. The laurel branches are also the base on which the lions are standing. The two images are combined as an allegory of national triumph and prosperity.
SPEAR – part of a warrior's accoutrement from ancient times, most frequently characteristic of guards on duty, the spear contributes to the protective nature of the lion defenders.
With the introduction of this emblem, SANS significantly builds and upgrades its institutional identity, and consolidates its primary role among the state offices of the Republic of Bulgaria.