“The Poster” – Exhibition of Lyudmil Chekhlarov

“Even the most successful and longest-running play at one point drops off the stage. After it remains the theatrical poster as a documentary testimony and a symbol of lasting value. ”(Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nenko Atanasov, National Academy of Arts)
The two halls for temporary exhibitions in Dobrich Art Gallery were insufficient for Lyudmil Chekhlarov’s huge donation of original projects for theater posters, some of which are presented in the exhibition “The Poster”, opened on May 12, 2022. The exhibition includes 110 hand-painted posters that tell in multicolored and provocative images about the development of poster art and the artist Lyudmil Chekhlarov for more than 40 years. This is the richest and most comprehensive collection of original projects of the artist. Some of the exhibits show the stages in the process of creating and printing stage posters from the “analog” era in its multi-layered nature – from the author’s view on the theatrical title to the final product. In each of the posters one can feel the wink of the artist and his specific sense of humor, a slight irony and flirting with the play or cultural event.
The theatrical poster does not tell the play, does not explain what you will see on the stage, it just provokes. And Lyudmil Chekhlarov masters the art of provocation and artistic challenge. And although the place of the stage poster is on the street, the rich personal archive of the artist found his new home in the halls of the gallery.
The team of Art Gallery – Dobrich once again expresses its gratitude to Professor Chekhlarov for the generous donation!