The Lithography Atelier at the National Academy of Art with own logo

On the initiative of Ch. Asst. Dr. Nenko Atanasov (lecturer at the Department of Poster and Visual Communication) and the artist Petar Milev (umdrucker and in charge of the atelier at the Department of Printmaking), the Lithography Atelier (at the Department of Printmaking) of the National Academy of Art already has its own logo. The idea has been prompted by the necessity to put on the students' lithographs the stamp of the respective atelier. In this sense, the Academy follows the established tradition of all major lithography ateliers in the world, which certify with their own stamps the authenticity of the prints created in them.
In the relatively short history of the Bulgarian graphic school, lithography occupies a special place. The State School of Drawing (today the National Academy of Art) significantly contributed to the development of this graphic technique - a special school of lithography was established at the beginning of the last century, in academic year 1904/1905. Until 1909, only the lithography technique was included in its curriculum. In the following decades, lithography has remained one of the main and mandatory graphic techniques practiced during the educational process at the Department of Printmaking, regardless of all its structural transformations.
At present, the Lithography Atelier at the Department of Printmaking has a lithographic press, model Karl Krause, manufactured around 1900 in Germany, as well as lithographic stones from the limestone quarry in Solnhofen, Germany.