Presentation of renowned Bulgarian poster artists

On 19 March 2024, during the OPEN HOUSE WEEK at the National Academy of Art, a lecture on Notable Bulgarian Poster Artists was delivered in Atelier 404 of the Department of Poster and Visual Communication. Assoc. Prof. Nenko Atanasov, PhD, showed part of the works by Assen Stareyshinski and Lyudmil Chehlarov – the artists who were laying the foundations of the artistic theatre poster in Bulgaria in the 1960s. The presentation was attended by students from the National Academy of Art, students from specialised art schools in the country, teachers and visitors. The main highlight of the event were the authentically printed posters of Stareyshinski and Chehlarov, which are part of the Museum Collection of the National Academy of Art, which possesses a unique chronological array of Bulgarian fine and applied art. The constellation of significant Bulgarian poster artists and their works, kept as part of the Academy's rich museum collection, will continue to be presented in the future to students, school students, and all those who are interested in Bulgarian poster art.