Directions and Trends in the Development of Education in Poster and Visual Communication

Fifth Scientific Conference organised by the Department of Poster and Visual Communication
22–23 May 2023, Academia Gallery, National Academy of Art Sofia
The scientific conference "Directions and trends in the development of Education Poster and Visual Communication" is devoted to the problems of poster and visual communication, and is the fifth in the series of conferences held every five years. This is the period in which one graduating class leaves the confines of the Academy, giving way to another – with certainty more different and no less peculiar.
The forum participants are leading specialists and teachers in the field of graphic design, poster, typeface and visual communication. Their reports address various topics and developments on issues in the areas of their interest today.
This year's conference theme is related to contemporary trends in the evolution of poster and visual communication and its correlations with the visual culture of society, as well as finding parallels both between them and in the processes of education.
Such forums are a view into the future also and contribute to the confident and initially well-devised orientation of young people, and to the clarification of the tasks facing teachers and professionals.
The conference is part of the events marking the 75th anniversary of the specialty and will also include an overview of its development since its foundation.