Creative workshop on Suminagashi

Suminagashi is a classic Japanese technique for painting on water, the name of which literally means "floating ink". At first glance, simple (such as the materials used - water, ink and "anti-ink") - this technique requires extreme concentration and attention, because the final result depends on a variety of factors, starting from the air temperature and ending with the author's inner attitude and energy. which he emits. The symbiosis of planned and accidental allows for endless creative improvisations, and the range of the end result extends from author's works to its application in the field of bookbinding and calligraphy.
The event will be held on November 11 (Friday) at 1:30 p.m. under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Kristina Borisova and Assistant Dr. Rada Pilyushka in studio "Poster and Visual Communication" No. 404 of the new academic building of the National Academy of Art – Sofia, Shipka Street №1.
The creative workshop is part of the events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the founding of the "Poster and Visual Communication" specialty at the National Academy of Art.