Another fruitful cooperation between the specialty "Poster and Visual Communication" and special "Acting for Puppet Theater" at NATFA

At the invitation of Prof. Bonyo Lungov and Prof. Dr. Konstantin Karakostov from the specialty "Acting for Puppet Theater" at NATFA, second year students majoring in "Poster and Visual Communication" at the National Academy of Art, under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Pavlov, developed projects for the theatrical performance "Love of Don Perlimplin". Margarita Gorasteva's poster was chosen from 28 projects for the official poster of the play. The collection was presented at the exhibition on the day of the premiere in the lobby of the “NATFA Puppet Theater”.
"The Love of Don Perlimplin"
from Federico Garcia Lorca
Theatrical Production - Prof. Bonyo Lungov
Directing – prof. Dr. Konstantin Karakostov
Students from the class of Prof. Dr. Konstantin Karakostov are participating