The specialty has 70 years of history in the National Academy of Art.
Four departments of the Academy were created in 1947: Fine Arts, Applied Arts, Graphic Arts and Teachers of Art Education. The studio on poster opened then in the Department of Graphic Arts.
The first lecturer was the famous artist Boris Ivanov, in the following years taught Nikola Mirchev, Georgi Atanasov, Preslav Karshovski and Lyuben Zidarov.
In 1956, after a competition for associate professor of poster the specialty was joined by Alexander Poplilov, who had left behind more than 30 alumni that define the image of Bulgarian poster in recent decades. He was Rector of the National Academy of Art in two consecutive terms. Since 1967 he has been a professor of applied graphics. Professor Poplilov led Poster Dept. with his then young colleagues Dimitar Serezliev and Ivan Gazdov – now dean of the specialty with over 40 years teaching, the founder of the club “Visual fantasy”, which later evolved in an independent discipline. He is the author of numerous books on posters and poster education.
Over the years, poster taught also Peter Petrov, Lyudmil Chehlarov and Dimitar Tasev. Vasil Yonchev taught font and created the program and introduce this discipline at the Academy. His assistant, and later a major lecturer Dimitar Trendafilov expanded  the training to font and calligraphy. Successively, colored sketch taught Simeon Halachev, Boycho Grigorov and Plamen Valchev.
The hospitality of the Poster department gave birth to new specialties at the NAA – design led by Vasil Stoyanov, textile led by Marin Varbanov and artistic space design headed by Georgi Petrov.