Water mirror "The Poets of Stara Zagora"

On June 23 in the pedestrian zone of Stara Zagora was opened the architectural and aesthetic composition - Water Mirror "Poets of Stara Zagora".
The project was created by the sculptor Radoslav Maglov (PhD student in the Department ”History of Art”), the calligraphy is by Georgi Pavlov (Chief Assistant Phd in the Department of “Poster and Visual Communication”) and arch. Velimir Georgiev.
The host of the event was the Stara Zagora poet Maria Doneva, and special guests were the poets, musicians and friends of Stara Zagora from the Sofia group for ethno-rock poetry "Gologan" - Petar Chukhov and Ivan Hristov, who welcomed Stara Zagora residents and their new acquisition with poems and music.
Poems by thirteen of the iconic Stara Zagora poets are presented in the water mirror: Teacher Petar Ivanov, Kiril Hristov, Dimitar Podvarzachov, Zheko Hristov, Nikolay Liliev, Geo Milev, Ivan Hadzhihristov Ivan Mirchev, Veselin Hanchev, Mihail Berberov, Hristo Katsarov, Stoycho Stoychev and Rashko Stoykov.