The museum collection of the National Academy of Art has its own logo now

At the initiative of Chief Assist. Prof. Nenko Atanasov, PhD, lecturer in the specialty "Poster and Visual Communication" and a graphic project proposed by him, a logo had been created of the Museum Collection of the National Academy of Art.
With its almost 125-year history, the Museum Collection, as a generalized cultural unit of the Academy, deserves to have its own visual sign, which graphically contains the characteristics of the official logo of the National Academy of Art.
The symbolism in the graphics embodies the spirit, richness, diversity and uniqueness of the collection, as well as the visualization and emotional connection with the prototype of the popular emblem of the National Academy of Art. The new logo recreates the "museum" of the Academy as a treasure trove of the rich heritage of Alma Mater art in Bulgaria, preserving one of the first cultural collections in our post-liberation history.
The Encourage this idea was only in favor of promoting the identity of the Museum Collection and the activities of making the sign with entirely voluntary basis.