Results of the competition for the creation of the LOGO of the Bulgarian Development Assistance

On November 22, 2019, a jury of Prof. PhD. Christina Borisova - Chairman (Department of Poster and Visual Communication, National Academy of Arts) and members head assistant PhD. Svetlin Balezdrov (Department of Advertising Design, National Academy of Arts), Snezhana Yoveva-Dimitrova (Director of the Cultural Institute at the Minister of Foreign Affairs), Valeri Yotov (Director of the UN Directorate) and Ivan Kotov (senior graduate employee 1st degree) considered and discussed the submitted projects in the competition - a total of 31 projects of students and lecturers from the National Academy of Arts.
Following a discussion of the vote and in connection with the announced regulation the jury identified the award winners as follows:
First Place is for Nenko Atanasov, lecturer in "Poster and Visual Communication"
Second Place is for Ivaylo Todorov, student in master program "Poster and Visual Communication"
Third place is for Georgi Pavlov, lecturer in "Poster and Visual Communication"
The awarding of the winners will be held on December 13, 2019 at 11:00 am at the Gallery "Misiyata" of the Cultural Institute under the Minister of Foreign Affairs (2, Al. Zhendov Street, opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).