Exhibition •The Magic of the Written Word•

Calligraphic Exhibition
22 – 31 May 2020
Academia Gallery, 1 Shipka Street
Exhibition dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the foundation of the Master's Degree Program in Calligraphy at the Poster and Visual Communication Department at the National Academy of Arts.
The exhibition presents the works of graduated and current students in the master's program.
Calligraphy itself is an extremely complex matter that requires the artist to have maximum concentration and extreme persistence to achieve the required result.
Since the creation of this master's program, the people who have been part of it have been just that - extremely committed for the calligraphy cause. For five consecutive years, the magic of calligraphy has happened, different from the individuality of each student, and shared in the strength and power of the end result. The freedom and scope in expressing creative ideas is unmatched by anything else that is evident and visible in the works that make up this exhibition. It is interesting that it contains works from the so-called "before", "during", and "after"  the study in the master's program, which is a real opportunity to track the creative growth of each of the students.
The obvious conclusion is that each of them, regardless of their further path of development, keeps in their heart the love of calligraphy and applies its principles - in creation and life.
The exhibition also includes an art workshop in which anyone could immerse themselves in the magic of calligraphy, with the help of current students from the program.
Prof. Christina Borisova, PhD
Head of Calligraphy Master Program