Exhibition •The Letters Talk•

May 2016
Vinyl on the fence of NAA
Television Gallery of BNT&
This exhibition on the occasion of May 24 - Day of Bulgarian Alphabet and Culture and Slavonic Literature - is also dedicated to 120 anniversary of the National Academy of Art.
NAA is an institution which over the years has created and formed a number of artists, directly or indirectly influenced the evolution of our alphabet - the Cyrillic letters - in their graphic image.
One of the most significant figures in native calligraphy and typography is Professor Dimitar Trendafilov, whose work occupies a prominent place in these two categories. The exhibition The Letters Talk 2016 is In Memoriam.
His works are and will be a source of inspiration for many future artists in the field. Along with historical patterns and his works in the exhibition are presented the young artists Kostadin Kokalanov and Tsvetislava Koleva.