Exhibition of posters 80th birth anniversary of Asen Stareishinski

5 – 22 July 2016
ACADEMIA Gallery, 1, SHIPKA Str.
The exhibition is realised as an idea of the Poster and Visual Communication Department and is dedicated to the artist and to the 120th Anniversary of the National Academy of Art. The posters in the exposition belong to the museum collection of NAA, the art funds of the Bulgarian Army Theatre, the virtual museum of socialism “Socmus”, the Art Gallery “Petko Churchuliev” – Dimitrovgrad, and Alexander Sertev Archive.
The theatre poster is the territory where Assen Stareishinski displays in depth his creative energy and maturity. That is the space where he achieves visionary range of forms and idea horizons. His works declare virtuosity, unknown as of that moment, inspired by the metaphor, message and provocation. Stareishinski develops the new essential characteristic of the poster – through synthesized interpretation and artist’s cue when perusing the dramaturgy. His artwork is revolutionary for that period and the concepts for theatrical notices, whereas it closes with maximum efficiency the long-time wide-open gap in the field. Referred to, while still living, as the “godfather” of the art poster in our country, the artist lays its modern artistic foundations. Thus, Assen Stareishinski becomes the inspirer of a whole generation of talented poster artists who create the modern European aspect of Bulgarian poster and bring it to the level of a leading genre in art – the subject of artistic critique, exhibitions and biennials.
Chief Assist. Prof. Dr. Nenko Atanasov
(Curator of the exhibition)