Exhibition "30 Years from November 10 1989"

In the staircase on the third floor of the National Academy of Arts (Shipka Street 1) another exhibition was organized with the works of students from the specialty "Poster and Visual Communication".
The theme of the exposition is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of November 10, 1989 - the beginning of the democratic changes in Bulgaria. The collection presents the individual look of the young artist for one of the most significant dates in the new history of our country and the subsequent transition. The key messages that the viewer discovers are freedom, light, opportunities, the future but it also plea not to forget the dark traces of the past.
The exhibition also provokes the fact that the authors are not direct witnesses to the dynamic events after 1989, their position is being objective and unencumbered by the political passions of the 1990s.
Participants in the exhibition: Anna Gineva, Valentin Shtinkov, Valentina Dobreva, Vladislava Grigorova, Gabriela Terzieva, Evgeniya Tosheva, Elina Dzhanavarova, Zdravko Sirakov, Ivan Yordanov, Mariya Mereteva, Seferina Stamati and Teodora Varbanova, together with their lecturers - prof. Georgi Yankov and head assistant PhD. Nenko Atanasov. All of them express their gratitude to Mr. Hristo Stoilov for exhibiting their works.